Joining Things together, You Are Talking about Floor, I Am Talking about Furniture

Projects in the Marks Blond Project Space and the Visarte Gallery, Bern


The exhibition “Joining things together, you are talking about floor, I am talking about furniture!” by Swiss artist Kaspar Bucher and Slovakian artist Tomáš Džadoň was about misunderstandings of people working together. The idea of a strange interior was used to visualize questions the exhibition project had raised. It took place April 2010 in the Marks Blond Project exhibition space.


Part of the material was re-used by students of The Bern University of the Arts for an interdisciplinary project supervised by Res Ingold, professor at the Art Academy, Munich and was exhibited in June 2010 at the Visarte Gallery. The original concept was the idea to rebuild the prison cell of the Jim Jarmusch’s movie „Down by Law“. 


«Joining things together, you are talking about floor, i am talking

about furniture!» by Kaspar Bucher (CH), Tomáš Džadoň (SK) / April 4 –

April 35 2010 / Marks Blond Project / (picture credits by Kaspar Bucher)